Britain & Europe in Speeches and Interviews

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Margaret Thatcher on Europe - Bruges Speech

On 20 September 1988, at the beginning of the academic year of the College of Europe in Bruges, the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, delivered a speech on the future of Europe. The speech was a defining moment in the debate on Europe in the UK and is considered by many commentators to mark the birth of the Euro-sceptic movement in Britain. 

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Sir Geoffrey Howe Resignation Speech

On 13 November 1990, Sir Geoffrey Howe made a dramatic speech to the House of Commons in which he explained why he had resigned twelve days earlier from his post as Deputy Prime Minister in Margaret Thatchers government, in which he had previously served as Foreign Secretary. 

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William Hague addressing the House of Commons - In 2008, the Shadow Foreign Secretary considered how Gordon Brown would react to a future ‘President Blair’.

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Tony Blair and Nigel Farage at the end of the UK Presidency of the European Council - 20 December 2005

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Tony Blair addresses the European Parliament 

On 23 June 2005 the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, addressed the European Parliament against the background of the rejection of the Constitution for Europe in referenda in France and the Netherlands. 

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Margaret Thatcher’s statement to the House of Commons on the European Council meeting at Rome held on 27/28 October -30 October 1990 

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Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell - 1962

Hugh Gaitskell addressed conference with strongly-stated opposition to British membership of the Common Market

"We must be clear about this; it does mean, if this is the idea, the end of Britain as an independent European state. I make no apology for repeating it. It means the end of a thousand years of history. You may say: Let it end. But, my goodness, it is a decision that needs a little care and thought."

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Sir Winston Churchill’s speech at the University of Zurich

On 19 September 1946, Winston Churchill, British Conservative leader, gave an address at the University of Zurich in which he identified Franco-German reconciliation and the establishment of a European organisation as conditions for peace and liberty throughout the continent.